Bindura Municipality is set to avail relief jobs for its locals with women expected to be the biggest beneficiaries as a measure to reduce their dependence on men.

With effect from January, Bindura Municipality has pledged to offer piece jobs to women, a move which resonates well with 16 days of activism against gender based violence commemorations.

As widely noted, some women endure traumatic experiences due to firm dependency on men economically an anomaly that can be curbed through creation of self sustainability models.

Bindura Municipality Mayor Councillor Carlos Tokyo revealed that council does not have adequate vacancies but will ensure that each ward will have a fair share of the short term contracts.

“The contracts for those around will lapse end of December, that’s when we will get three people from each ward for the piece jobs, it is on rotational basis so after three months we give others a chance,” he said.

Whilst patriarchy and an uneven playing field are often cited as impediments to women’s influence in society, Women Coalition of Zimbabwe Bindura Chapter chairperson Mandi Piyasi said focus should be on assisting women to persistently fight for relevance in critical sectors.

“We are looking into strategies that can assist women to continue to participate in electoral processes, as we have presented to stakeholders so that they can address such issues when they are working,” said Piyasi.

Politically women continue to find themselves in the periphery of influential positions, a situation attributed to absence of financial firepower to compete.