Bindura has run out of water treatment chemicals.

Authorities at the Bindura Municipality said the situation has been caused by suppliers of the chemicals who are demanding hard currency.

Just a few weeks after a remarkable increase in water supply, Bindura residents woke up to dry taps.

One day turned into many without any communication regards the cause.

It has since been established that there is an acute shortage of water treatment chemicals, leading to the cut, a situation that exposes some densely populated areas to communicable diseases.

Bindura Municipality Mayor, Councillor Carlos Tokyo attributed the challenge to foreign currency demand by chemical suppliers.

“The challenge is unavailability of forex, our traditional suppliers are demanding payment in foreign currency. Business is citing that the bond note and RTGs payments are not at par with the US dollar,” he said.

Council is desperately seeking a long term solution to the water crisis and is now considering bartering land for chemicals, service vehicles and fire tenders with a foreign company.

“We are running out of land. It is better to have a barter trade type of transaction whereby they have promised us to give us refuse trucks, fire tenders, and promised us development of stands,” Conucillor Tokyo added.

The council’s hopes of full implementation of the devolution agenda will ensure self sustainability and ease the burden on central government.