chombo latest.jpgGovernment has expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the resuscitation team for Bindura Municipality, which is helping to put in place corporate governance structures as the local authority was riddled with cases of maladministration and corruption.

Chaos, corruption and collapse of service delivery have been evident in MDC-T led urban local authorities, prompting the government to set up resuscitation teams to save the ratepayers who are reeling under the effects of corruption and maladministration.

Updating the nation on the developments in these local authorities, Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo (pictured) said the Bindura Municipality resuscitation team, which is headed by Ms Erica Jones, has made significant progress in transforming the town which was nearing collapse.

The team is also assisting in the crafting of the 2012 budget and recruitment of competent personnel to head the strategic units which were also malfunctioning as the MDC-T councillors employed party loyalists who do not have any knowledge of the local government sector.

Government recently blamed political parties for choosing mediocre candidates for the post of councillors in the 2008 harmonised elections.

These councillors are said to have caused chaos in the local government sector as they are on a self enrichment spree.