Tenants of the Bindura industrial area and nearby residents have expressed concern over toxic fumes originating from a gold plant while calling for corrective action to be adopted to protect their health.

Hazardous fumes originating from a gold elution plant in the Bindura industrial area have become a cause of worry for tenants and nearby residents who feel their health is at risk.

The fumes are reportedly causing respiratory problems for people in the area and they are pleading with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to intervene.

“We have to stop our work and rush indoors when the smoke starts bellowing. I experience breathing problems whenever they are running their plant so we want action to be taken,” said one of the residents of the area.

Manager of the gold elution plant Mr Pleasure Rodgers downplayed the discharge of potentially toxic fumes saying corrective measures were taken while more remedial action is on the cards.

“I don’t know about any smoke, we did have problems with smoke when we were using our first chimney but we erected another and we also extended the pipe going upwards, we are going to put an extraction fan,” he said.

Last June a petition signed by several people was written to EMA and the officers have since confirmed receiving the document.

Pollution at the gold elution plant is the second such incident in the industrial area following complaints of dust pollution by a fertiliser plant last September.