The Bindura Rural District Council has set sights on developing infrastructure as a key driver of economic growth in line with the devolution agenda.

Infrastructure is pivotal for speedy economic growth and alleviation of poverty and the Bindura RDC put infrastructure projects comprising the construction of roads, schools and clinics in its 5-year strategic plan.

Bindura RDC Chairperson Mr Gilbert Jonga said the district has enough resources that are key in enabling economic growth, but they need to be backed up by infrastructure development.

“We have resources such as human capital, we have technocrats even the residents of the area, which is a big resource we can tap into. We also have resources in our jurisdiction such as water, minerals and land,” he said.

Mashonaland Central Province’s economy is hinged on mining and agriculture but Bindura RDC is hoping to tap into tourism through Acardia dam and natural monuments.

“We could have serious attraction of foreigners that can come and enjoy water sports, fishing and other sports in Arcadia dam. There is also Chitupo Caves and Chisvingo ruins, areas that can be exploited, they just need sprucing up and marketing,” Mr Jonga added.

Last year, the council’s annual budget stood on $2.8 million and after applying various strategies to encourage residents to pay bills, expectations are that the figure will rise marginally translating to improved service delivery.