Bindura Municipality has pumped in $1.1 million towards road resurfacing and resealing during the course of the year as a way of ensuring that most roads are passable this rainy season.

In a bid to ensure that all urban roads are passable this rainy season, Bindura Municipality embarked on a project to upgrade all roads within the town.

In an interview with ZBC News, Bindura Municipality town clerk Mr Shangwa Mavesere said $1.1 million has been spent in rehabilitation of major roads.

Most roads leading to residential areas have been attended to while some gravel roads have been constructed especially in the suburbs which is critical for residents said Mr Mavesere.

Owing to obtaining economic environment, local authorities have been finding it difficult to raise funds which has seen most roads been condemned by residents.

The progress being made by Bindura Municipality in partnership with the Zimbabwe National Road Administration is commendable in upgrading the road network in the town.