Property worth thousands of dollars was lost after fire engulfed a house in New Oval, Bindura on Sunday.

Four people escaped unharmed.

Household furniture including a 32-inch television, stove, refrigerator 3 beds and essentials items like academic certificates blankets, and laptops were reduced to ashes.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained but eye witnesses are suspecting an electrical fault.

One of the inhabitants only identified as Tawanda said the fire broke out around dawn, adding they had no chance to save anything. 

“We were sleeping before mother woke us up upon noticing the fire in one of the bedrooms. The roof went down 10 minutes after we saw the fire, hence we could not rescue any valuables. I think it’s the electricity because that room has got circuit challenges,” he said. 

The reaction time of the fire brigade was brought into question after they arrived at the scene late and with no water to put out the fire.