The lost Biblical Ark of the Covenant has been discovered in Zimbabwe by a British researcher. This is the same ark which according to the bible, Moses was instructed by God to construct on Mt Sinai when has was leading the Israelites from Egypt.

The lost Ark of the Covenant was found in Dumbwi Mountains in Mberengwa around 1940s and was taken to the National Museums and Monuments in 1948.

A British Independent Researcher Professor Tudor Parfitt who made a research on the lost Ark of the Covenant said the discovery has proved that the Zimbabwe’s Lemba people have Jewish origins. Professor Parfitt said the discovery is very important for Zimbabwe and may benefit the nation.

The director of National Museums and Monuments Dr Godfrey Mahachi said the ark of the covenant known as the Ngoma Lungundu is a sacred and powerful drum which is similar to the Biblical Moses’ ark of the covenant which was lost more than 2 500 years ago in Jerusalem.

Professor Parfitt believes the ark was brought by the Lemba people who were scientifically proved to be of Jewish origin.  Meanwhile the Lemba people are expected to meet Professor Tudor before the unveiling of the discovery in the capital.