Zimbabwe boasts of many talented and qualified men and women in the media industry but one self styled journalist popularly known as Bhozhongora is making record breaking exploits at the ZBC’s National FM radio station that has managed to boost the station’s listenership.

Born Washington Marimira, the 42-year-old Bhozhongora is a vendor by profession who never contemplated that his rare gift of good interpersonal skills would transform his destiny for the better.

His passion for ZBC’s National FM made him join the station’s listeners club in 1998.

19 years down the line, Bhozhongora has emerged as one of the force driving things behind the scenes at the ZBC radio station.

In short he is now National FM’s celebrated bizarre news correspondent.

A visit to his Mbare Musika vending site, saw Bhozhongora narrating how he has managed to come up with these life stories that are too often stranger than fiction.

It has earned him a celebrity status and he now boasts of a large fan base that listens to his programme: ‘Bhozhongora Segment,’ which runs from Monday to Friday mornings on National FM.

He contends that he is better suited to be in the office than some journalists who have found stories to elusive.

A real challenge set there for many in the media industry but the moral lesson in Bhozhongora story is that journalism is no office business for it is among the people that the real stories are found.