iranian ambassador 14.09.10.jpgThe Iranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mohammed Pournajaf says as their nation celebrates 32 years of independence, the world must be aware that western imperialistic machinations are trying to scuttle Iranian scientific progress such as the nuclear plant, adding that such progress might be unleashed to other developing nations which want to progress.

Ambassador Pournajaf who addressed journalists in the capital ahead of the Iran National Day on Friday said while his country celebrates 32 years of independence there is need to educate the world on the western agenda on Iran which he says is meant to derail economic and scientific progress.

Ambassador Pournajaf lambasted the West for its efforts to scuttle the Iranian nuclear project which he says is meant for peaceful and developmental purposes which will be shared to the rest of the world as opposed to the West’s big brother attitude towards developing countries.

Ambassador Pournajaf said the Zimbabwean community must be proud of the good leadership qualities of the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde. Robert Mugabe as he does not bow down to imperialists.

As bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and Iran continue to be strengthened Ambassador Pournajaf says the developments in Iran such as the solar technology, satellite inventions among others, will be shared without conditions.

Iran and Zimbabwe have both been put under illegal sanctions by the West for their strong stance against western imperialism.