The culture of a nation defines the uniqueness of its identity, and highlights a sense of pride for its subjects when they are given an opportunity to tell their story.

All work and no play indeed makes John a dull boy.

After three days of intense work, the exhibitors traded their business caps to showcase the one thing that unifies nations – music and dancing.

Captivating dance routines were visible across the 24 halls at the International Tourism Bourse in Berlin, mesmerising those who watched the event.

But it was the sweet sounding mbira music churned out at the Zimbabwean stand by Virginia Chiweshe daughter to legendary mbira icon Mbuya Stella Chiweshe that proved to be a toast with many foreign nationals.

For those of a high tempo, the Colombian stand was the place to be.And for relaxed dance moves, Cuba and Mexico lived up to exactly that.

If there was an award for the most hilarious outlook, then the big prize had to go to Mexico.

The international tourism bourse ended in Berlin this Sunday.