dominic benhura.jpgLocal and internationally renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura never ceases to surprise art lovers with his infinite curiosity for trying new things in his art.



Benhura has just finished working on one of his larger than life art pieces – a new creation from an experimental style where he first welds a steel superstructure and then fuses small pieces of stone to come up with a bull sculpture.


Benhura says the new style is unique in the sense that recycled scrap stones are used.


This experiment requires that he first uses steel superstructure, together with small pieces of stone to the structure to create the bull.


“It was a natural progression and it took me 6 months to complete. I used recycled rubbles and then weld then from the inside using 12mm metal road casting inside,” he said.


The breadth of work is remarkable, from used object installations and contemporary mixed media pieces.  This is one of the few sculptures that Benhura has created using this new technique.


The bull sculpture was first displayed at the Live and Direct Exhibition which was held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.


The exhibition which was meant for artists to explain about their work, gave the opportunity for young visual artists to learn more about this new technique and other installation kind of sculptures.


The exhibition where the bull was exhibited was attended by close to 100 people mainly sculptors from the country’s high density areas.