belgian delegation.jpgA 21-member delegation from Antwerp World Diamond Centre in Belgium has arrived in the country and has expressed commitment to partner with local stakeholders in the diamond industry.

The delegation, which comprises diamond dealers, financial services sector players, diamond cutting and polishing experts, as well as insurance sector stakeholders among others, is in the country to find ways of partnering the local diamond industry.

Speaking at a reception in the capital, Antwerp World Diamond Centre President, Mr Nishit Parikh, said the delegation is seeking ways of forging a long-term partnership with the government and stakeholders in the diamond industry.


“We are here to discuss with local stakeholders in the diamond industry and see ways of engaging each other in the development of the local industry and we are ready to do business with you,” said Parikh.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Mr Thankful Musukutwa, said Zimbabwe is ready to venture into partnerships with serious business people, adding that there are various opportunities in the country for diamond exploration.

thankful musukutwa 15-11-10.jpg

“Currently, the country is overwhelmed by international companies who are showing interest in investing in all phases of the mining cycle in Zimbabwe and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre is one of them. In the diamond industry, growth opportunities span the entire spectrum of the diamond value chain from exploration, mining, trading and beneficiation,” Mr Musukutwa said.


The coming of the Antwerp World Diamond Center delegation follows the recent Kimberly Process plenary meeting held in Jerusalem, Israel at the beginning of this month which gave the country the green light to sell its diamonds without any conditions.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre has been dealing with diamonds for over 500 years and has an annual turnover of US$41 billion with US$20.6 billion coming from rough diamond trade, while US$20.4 billion is generated through trade in polished diamonds.