Poor rains in the 2018/19 rainy seasons have left Beitbridge villagers and their livestock thirstier much earlier than in other years.

Both the people and livestock are desperate for water. This is happening on a dry Umzingwane river bed.

In other years the situation would have been different but due to poor rains this year, there is concern among villagers.

The flow is barely significant such that the people have to dig up on the river bed to get drinking water.

Boreholes are still not enough and there is need for more, says Senator Tambudzani Mohadi.

“We need more boreholes for drinking water. This situation is urgent otherwise more livestock will be lost,” said Mohadi.

There are over one thousand three hundred boreholes in Beitbridge district. The thrust is to ensure every village has one at its disposal.

However, before such targets are achieved, the dry riverbed is the reality the villagers look at every day as testimony of a bleak season.