The community in Beitbridge, working with government and development agencies, says there is no going back in ensuring provision of adequate education facilities in the district.

In rural areas of Beitbridge, children go through an ordeal in order to get an education.

Young children have to walk long distances and go to school hungry due to the arid parts of the country they stay in, in order to make it to storm battered schools.

But these difficult circumstances do not stop the resilient children from receiving a valuable education.

After being battered by storms, Swereki Primary School has picked itself up.

Through an initiative by World Vision, a local non-governmental organisation, an Early Childhood Development (ECD) classroom block has been commissioned.

“Kuqakathekile ukupha umntwana ifoundation enhle (it’s important to give a child a good foundation). That is what we are doing here,” said Mrs Dube.

The School Development Committee (SDC) at Swereki sees this as an opportunity to ease the burden of learning under difficult circumstances for the young ones.

“We try hard to make sure our children at least are assisted. It is not easy, we need more support,” said SDC Chairperson Ms Ndou.

Schools in Beitbridge rural areas face difficult times due to natural disasters.

The community has, however, not sat back.

Through local development partners and government, the rebuilding has continued.

For the young learners, this could be an important history moment that “society does care about their future.”