Seizing the moment is the mark of any business hungry individual.

Water taps sometimes run dry in Beitbridge and a cunning man from the border town takes advantage to make a killing.

Queues at boreholes are a sign of desperation.

The precious liquid is indeed life and in moments like these when it is in short supply, residents will pay anything to lay their hands on it.

To Sifelumsa Muziyabenya, this is the opportunity to strike.

With his truck loaded with water tanks, he makes rounds in the suburbs selling the much needed water.

While it is a service moment, it is also a money making time.

The residents are also grateful that at least they can buy a 20 litres bucket for $2 and get on with their lives.

Seeing an opportunity is a gift for the few indeed.

In a dry moment, this enterprising water vendor literally waters others and in the process gets a little richer.

While saving the day for many a desperate citizen, the question though is where are the authorities mandated to provide this public good.