A thriving horticulture project in Beitbridge has emerged as a beacon of how proper land utilisation can stimulate economic growth.

Beitbridge farmer Mr Roy Muleya has invested millions of dollars in his farm in the Mazunga area to establish a successful horticulture project.

Cooper Royal Estate now supplies fresh farm produce to Beitbridge, Gwanda and Bulawayo among other areas following an investment into drip irrigation.

The farm is producing an assortment of products that include cabbages, tomatoes, onions and water melons.

Manager of the estate Mr Samuel Karonga told the ZBC News that production at the farm is part of the national process of ensuring that the country is self-sufficient in food production.

He noted Beitbridge which falls under ecological region five receives very little rainfall and is known to be a livestock area, but the exploitation of irrigation technology has made it possible to have a sustainable horticulture venture.

Drip irrigation which is efficient in the use of water, is being used to water the crops a confirmation that the country can realise high yields if farmers adopt rationale irrigation systems.

The country has been on a drive educating farmers on conservative but smart farming technologies to harness full dividend in their ventures and within their various geographical regions.