Officials from Geiger International, the company contracted for the dualisation of the Beitbridge – Masvingo – Harare highway are now on the ground identifying sites to set up bases, with machinery for the road construction expected in the country anytime from now.

The highway has earned itself a bad name over the past few years due to its bad state.

It is often referred to as the pencil thin highway of death.

With officials from Geiger International now on the ground putting logistics in place, it is relief for most of the road users that finally the dualisation of the road is about to commence.

A team led by Dr Cuthbert Mashanda, Geiger International Zimbabwe representative, was in Masvingo to inspect sites where they will set up their sub camps for construction activities.

“As soon as we finalise this process in the next couple of weeks, you will see some serious movement with equipment moving into the country. The bulk of it has already arrived in South Africa,” said Dr Mashanda.

Detailed topography surveys are also expected   to be done in the coming few weeks.

Dr Mashanda re-affirmed the government’s announcement that 40 percent of the road work will be reserved for local companies.

The road will be constructed at a total cost of US$987 million.

The officials said there is a proposed flyover or interchange at the Bulawayo-Masvingo turn off and the realignment work for the road has already been done.