ZRP Sub Aqua Unit

The Civil Protection Unit (CPU) in Beitbridge has demanded a ZRP Sub-Aqua Unit to be permanently stationed in the district.

Floods have left untold suffering in the Beitbridge community. 

The Beitbridge CPU said the situation is worsened by the fact that there is no police Sub-Aqua Unit in the district and every time there is need for such a rescue team, help has to come from as far as Bulawayo.

“Imagine we have to call Bulawayo. As a floods prone district this affects all our disaster mitigation efforts bearing in mind that floods are perennial here,” said the Beitbridge district CPU chairperson Mrs Kelibone Ndou.

Beitbridge is also concerned that as host to the border post which is the busiest in sub-Saharan Africa, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority must be active in assisting in moments like these. 

The CPU chairperson who is also the Beitbridge District Administrator said they are not asking for much but just a contribution by the authority to the community it operates in.

Mrs Ndou also refers to an earlier commitment that Beitbridge Municipality would receive 10 percent of all revenues collected at Beitbridge border post.

“ZIMRA makes the bulk of its money here. Why can’t they assist the community? We are not asking for much just help in moments like these,” she said.

However, ZIMRA said it is not aware of any such commitments made to remit a percentage of its revenues to Beitbridge Municipality.

The revenue collector also said contrary to the belief that the bulk of its revenues are collected at the border post, it actually collects most of it in Harare and local Beitbridge has benefitted at national level when government allocates money to ministries through its budgetary process to fund various activities within society.

The authority has also weighed in on suggestions that goods seized and kept at warehouses be donated to flood victims saying this is not under its jurisdiction but that of the Ministry of Finance.

To date 7 schools and a clinic have been extensively damaged while over 100 homes were destroyed by heavy storms.

Six lives have been lost due to floods induced drownings.