Over 90 farmers in the Chapanduka area in Buhera are reaping impressive profits from a bee keeping venture that is now sustaining livelihoods and has enhanced economic development in the community.

Buhera district falls in natural region 4 , characterised by erratic rainfall patterns and high crop failure.

Faced with perennial lean moments farmers in this area have developed responsive strategies that have not only worked to meet their nutritional requirements but also provided an anchor  to sustain their incomes through bee keeping.

The private sector has realised the potential of this industry and are now depending on  this niche market for organic honey that has the capacity to produce over 10 000 kilogrammes of pure honey  translating to over US$20 000 annually.

While bee-keeping has been a business for the majority of people in this area, the support from the government, the Southern Alliance for Indigenous Research (SAFIRE), UNDP and Oxfam has assisted in the value addition of the product improving fortunes  for the farmers.