A sizeable number of small scale farmers in Beatrice are benefitting from the government’s Land Reform Programme initiated in 2000, to boost food security through various agricultural projects.

The farmers who have since ventured into horticulture, fish farming and poultry production are beaming with confidence that their efforts will increase food productivity for the benefit of the nation.

“We are happy that we managed to get land and we have to utilise it fully by producing food for the nation and our families,” said one of the farmers at Kirmcote farm.

Chairperson of the farmers’ projects, Mr Brighton Gumbire said their agro plots are key in supplying farm produce such as tomatoes, eggs, fish and chickens to various markets.

“We need to maximise our production through irrigation and other projects like poultry to avert drought being caused by climate change,” he said.

The 2018/2019 agricultural season has been affected by the elnino induced drought with farmers who are into horticulture, poultry and fish farming having been tipped to fill in a crucial gap in food production.