chris mutsvangwa 2 21-11-10.jpgPolitical analysts have warned people who are being used by the West to take a leaf from the Mubarak case study in which the Egyptian President has been dumped by the US administration after serving Western interests in the Middle East for the 30 years he has been in power.

Egypt is burning as the Arabic nation’s nationals are demonstrating against President Hosni Mubarak who stands accused of pursuing Western interests for the past 30 years at the expense of the Arab world.

Like the old political adage, ‘in politics there are no permanent friends as there are only permanent interests,’ the American administration has turned its back on President Mubarak, their ally of 30 years, with American President, Barack Obama demanding the Egyptian leader to immediately step down.

Political analyst, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa said the events in Egypt should come as a wakeup call to US pawns across the globe.

Responding to a botched plan by MDC-T president, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to incite people to rise against the establishment in Tunisian and Egyptian style, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the MDC should be wary of the US tactics and be reminded that the people can only rise against a party that is against the wishes of the people.

Another political analyst, Cde Goodson Nguni said the writing is now on the wall for all to see except the blind man saying the days of American dominance are now numbered.

US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton unashamedly announced that American officials are already in Egypt to help set up a new government, which makes the whole uprising questionable.

At the same time the British announced that their policies had contributed to the disturbances in the Arab world, which is enough evidence of the usual western regime change agenda.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has begun the evacuation of her nationals living in Egypt.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cde Joey Bimha confirmed the latest developments saying resources have since been put in place for the exercise.

Cde Bimha said the political solution to the crisis in Egypt shall be left to the nationals of that country and not outsiders.