webster shamu media.jpgZanu PF National Political Commissar, Cde Webster Shamu says local communities must guard against non-governmental organisations (NGOs), whose motive is regime change.

Cde Shamu, who is also the Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, said this while addressing delegates at the Mashonaland East Provincial Inter-District Conference at Mbuya Nehanda Hall in Marondera. 

He said because of persistent drought in areas such as Mudzi, Maramba and Pfungwe, a number of NGOs have besieged villages in these districts, pushing the regime change agenda in the name of humanitarian assistance.  

He added that people need to be warned not to be gullible and swallow the NGO gospel line.

The conference was also attended by Zanu PF Politburo, National Consultative Assembly, Central Committee members and the leadership from the districts.

Earlier on, Cde Shamu met members of the rastafarian community in Marondera at the Cherutombo Rastafarian Movement Centre.

He urged members of the movement to take part in national programmes like the indigenisation and land reform so that they are not left behind.