Gweru residents have been warned against seeking assistance from loitering persons purporting to be middlemen who can facilitate service transactions.

The warning follows the nabbing of an ex-military man who had been masquerading as a government official and swindling unsuspecting people.

After operating at the Gweru government complex for more than five years, the ex-soldier, Edwin Magodha was finally busted by officers from the Public Service Commission (PSC) who set a trap for him when he tried to swindle his mother-in-law.

Magodha attempted to dupe his mother-in-law by promising her an ECD teaching post at one of the primary schools in Gweru.

His plan backfired when a relative at the PSC office alerted the mother-in-law and a trap was set which Magodha gullible took.

What followed was a quick apology and a signed affidavit where Magodha swore never to continue with his shenanigans.

PSC Provincial Officer, Mr Moses Moyo warned people from Gweru to seek services from government offices not outside.

Moyo said no one from the government complex had suspected Magodha to be a conman as most of them thought he was a serving member of the Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) which has offices at the government complex.

Magodha confirmed to the ZBC News that he retired from the Air Force in 2010 and was abusing his network of contacts of influential people to dupe unsuspecting members of the public.

Magodha’s mother-in-law refused to comment, saying the story has potential to strain family relations.