nyanhongo27.07.10.jpgZanu PF House of Assembly Member for Harare South, Cde Hubert Nyanhongo (pictured) says his constituency is ready for the forthcoming general elections scheduled for this year.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Zanu PF Harare South Constituency rally on Sunday, Cde Nyanhongo said the electorate should guard against western imperialist forces that are aimed at destroying gains of freedom and the land reform programme.

“We are a party of the people and we hope everything will be done for the benefit of the party. The people of Zimbabwe should be wary of imperialist machinations that want to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle by opposing the empowerment programmes that Zanu PF is spearheading,” he said.

The Chairman for Zanu PF DCC 6 for Mbare and Harare South, Cde Joshua Gore said it is important for Zimbabweans to appreciate the role being done by the revolutionary party in empowering locals to own and control the country’s natural resources.

“We want to win such elections and we hope everything will be done accordingly,” said Cde Gore.

The Zanu PF Harare South rally was held at a time when Zimbabwe is expected to hold general elections anytime this year.