douglas.jpgConcern has been raised over the proliferation of advertisements in different local newspapers being placed by traditional healers and agents selling unregistered medicines which they claim can cure all kinds of ailments including enhancing body parts.

Local newspapers are awash with adverts from local and foreign traditional healers and agents selling various herbs or unregistered conventional drugs.

The adverts claim that the herbs can work miracles such as enhancing body parts within a short space of time.

Health and Child Welfare Deputy Minister, Dr Douglas Mombeshora said people should be wary of such adverts and warned that the herbs are not tested and thus may be harmful.

“We are very worried with the advertisements that we are seeing in the papers. The fact that these advertisements keep recurring means people are falling for them. As a Ministry, we cannot regulate the herbs or drugs because they are not coming through the normal channels,” said Dr Mombeshora.

A legal practitioner, Mrs Nyaradzo Munangati-Manongwa acknowledged the importance of the right of individuals to express their views or advertise their products but said they should also consider the moral results of their actions.

This is because there is no law that compels newspapers to deny or accept advertisements.

The people being targeted are mostly those suffering from cancer, HIV and AIDS, and fibroids, among other diseases or those who feel that their body parts are not the right size.

Some analysts have called for a regulation which compels anyone wishing to advertise medicinal products to first obtain a permit from relevant authorities.