voter.jpgAnalysts say elections scheduled for this month, next month and next year, might mark a defining phase for Africa and have warned that the continent has to be on the lookout for destabilising elements.


Guinea goes for its runoff elections on October 30, while the Cote d’Ivoire presidential elections are scheduled for the 31st of the same month.


From North Africa, Egypt goes for its polls on November 26, while Tanzania and the Comoros have set early 2011 for their general elections.


With the continent going through such a phase, observers have urged African countries to be vigilant and ensure that the elections reflect the will of their citizens with no external interests determining their outcome.


Analysts within the continent have warned that there is need to chart a new economic and social independence where African nations stand on their own and throw their full weight behind each other.


They have also warned that the continent should lead its election processes rather than have the West and its allies insisting on being observers.