oppah.jpgJust a week after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s call for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, members of the Zanu-PF women’s League have encouraged the Prime Minister to be sincere and true to his words as Zimbabwe’s economy has been negatively affected.

Prime Minster Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement on the removal of sanctions has been acknowledged by various quarters with the Zanu- Pf Women’s league saying there is need for a more practical and sincere approach to this issue as the illegal sanctions have affected the populace economically and socially. 


Some members of the Zanu- PF women’s league said Prime Minister Tsvangirai should set up a team which should go and engage the West over the removal of the sanctions.  


“The latest development is quite commendable considering that all along he was not acknowledging that the sanctions are there for real. Greater commitment and action remains critical now,” noted one of the women. 


Others said it is encouraging to note that Mr. Tsvangirai has finally realised that he is a true Zimbabwean and should work with the other principals in the global political agreement in protecting the country’s sovereignty.


“Now we are going to build the country as one united force unlike in the past when he was not acting like a son of the soil,” said one of the women.


On Monday last week, Prime Minister Tsvangirayi for the first time acknowledged the existence of sanctions and called for their removal.

Both the European Union and the United States have extended the illegal sanctions by another year. The US in particular has a law, the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) which was passed on 21 December 2001 with harsh measures which forbids US companies to do business with Zimbabwe.