dr douglas mombeshora 30-10-11.pngGovernment has challenged rural communities to venture into community health projects that will help improve the country’s medical facilities.

The call was made by the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Douglas Mombeshora during the official commissioning of the Goto Rural Clinic Electrification Pprogramme.

Dr Mombeshora said government will increase support to communities which initiate programmes that improve the country’s health facilities.

He commended the work done by the people from Goto community who mobilised resources that developed their local clinic.

Member of the House of Assembly for Hwedza South Constituency, Mrs Rosemary Goto thanked the people in her community for being united in developing Goto Clinic.

Goto Clinic was constructed in 1985 and the electrification programme, which started in 2005, had suffered a setback from sanctions-induced economic challenges.

Through the unity of purpose shown by the local community, the programme was completed this year.