town clerks27.7.10.jpgThe Harare City Council has been urged to be innovative and come up with alternative ways of funding operations such as going into the transport business.

Experts say local authorities should stop the culture of relying on income from rate payers as it is not feasible in the long run.

Harare City Council, which has come under fire on several occasions, has been urged to go into the transport business to create a sustainable revenue base.

Local government expert, Mr Percy Toriro says in other countries, local authorities have always played a crucial role in providing transport services, while also deriving large revenues to fund their operations.

Economic analyst, Mr Paradzai Chakona says while the council might be in a position to go into the transport business at the moment, it could realise significant revenue from renovating traditional transport infrastructure like such as bus termini and then levying periodic fees on all commuter buses plying their trade in Harare.

The Harare City Council has been engaged in many clashes with residents over rate hikes.

The council has disposed its cash cow, Rufaro Marketing, leaving rate payers as the only source of income.