Bulawayo needs a new bouquet of entrepreneurs who are innovative and can champion industrial renewal that will help the economy of the city as well as contribute to the gross national product of the country.

While a lot has been said about the need for government support to the revival of industries in Bulawayo, the panacea for the city development lies in the residents who are expected to have confidence in themselves and workout solutions to their problems.

Economic analyst and past president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Mr Busisa Moyo, who is also the CEO of the United Refineries, said industrial and entrepreneurial renewal is key for Bulawayo to develop.

“While it would be great for the owners of the closed factories to open them so that people get jobs, the reality of the situation is that this may never happen as the interests of these yester-year business people may have changed and some have relocated entirely from the city and have no interest of doing business in Bulawayo,” he said.

Mr Moyo called on the young Bulawayo residents to transform their mindset and realise that the destiny of the economy of the city is in their hands.

He also called for self regulatory within the production value chains, saying failure to realise and nurture the value chain system will destroy the prevailing opportunities.

“Those in the processing part of the value chain must understand that farmers who are the producers of raw materials also need a decent slice of the cake in order to sustain themselves and remain motivated to continue producing,” noted Mr Moyo.

He said the soya bean to oil, white meat and stock feed value chain together with the cotton to clothing, cooking oil and stock feed production chains are all critical to the sustenance of the industry and any attempt to undermine one sector throws off balance the whole economic line.