industry.jpgIndustry says while it welcomes the draft National Industrial Development Policy, there is still need for more engagement to ensure that the final document is reflective of industry’s concerns and that the policy framework achieves its objective of improving local products’ competitiveness on the global market.

The policy, whose key objective is to create a vibrant, self-sustaining and competitive economy has been commended by local industry as a practical strategy in increasing the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product from the current levels of 15% to around 30%.


Speaking soon after a presentation of the draft industrial policy before captains on industry in Harare, Director Enterprise Development in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Stanslaus Mangoma hailed the contributions by industry towards the formulation of the policy.

He said the framework is critical in transforming the country from a producer of primary goods into a producer of value-added goods.

czi president.jpgConfederation of Zimbabwe Industries, CZI President, Mr. Joseph Kanyekanye who called for more interrogation of the policy document expressed confidence in the ability of the country to become a major player on the global market given its vast resources.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Mike Bimha who encouraged continued constructive engagement between government and industry said it is government’s desire to ensure that the final document addresses some of the challenges currently facing local industry including low production levels and obsolete industrial equipment.

It is envisaged that the final National Industrial Development Policy which will cover the period 2011 to 2015 will among other things create employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector, increase exports of finished products to the SADC and COMESA regions as well as to promote the utilisation of available local raw materials.