basket women.jpgScores of rural women are set to showcase a mixture of traditional and contemporary basket weaving techniques at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe this Thursday.    
Basket weaving techniques as an art form have been transferred from one generation to the other transforming over time to an income-generating craft for many rural folk.


According to Francis Potter, Director of “The New Basket Workshop” which is partnering groups engaged in income-generating projects in rural areas, the exhibition will showcase various artistic ways of making baskets, while also seeking to improve the lives of the impoverished individuals mostly women, by promoting entrepreneurship.


“The new basket workshop is a rural development agency to get cash into the community. The main reason is to generate cash for rural women and to promote linkages and markets,” said Potter.


Curator and designer, Heath Nash of ‘The New Basket Workshop’ says the concept came as a realisation of the ready market for traditional artifacts with contemporary designs in the developed world.


Nash said: “Baskets with a contemporary design are huge business in the states and we came up with the concept as the rural folk need it.”


Running under the theme ‘Traditional Meets Contemporary’, the exhibition is being held by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in collaboration with The New Basket Workshop and Alliance Francaise.