An enterprising barber from Banket has decided to turn a flea market stall into a barber shop, targeting mainly clients from the farming community.

Greyson Machesu is a young man aged 22 who thought of beating competition at Banket’s main shopping centre in Kuwadzana by becoming a sole barber at a flea market near the Harare-Chirundu road.

The motivation behind setting up shop at the flea market, where he is housed in a grass and pole stall, was the desire to quell off competition from fellow barbers who fight tooth and nail for clients at Kuwadzana Township, the main shopping centre in Banket.

Hidden under a maze of grass and pole, at the flea market, Machesu’s weekly earnings sometimes hit the $200 mark, according to estimate figures he provided.

The flea market is not connected to grid electricity so Machesu uses a small generator to power his tools.

A client we caught up with soon after he had had a hair cut done on him said he is a regular customer of Machesu, whose services he described as excellent, despite the working environment’s queer and unpleasant appearance.

It is not usual to find a barber operating in the midst of flea market traders selling wares like clothes, especially under pole and grass thatched market stalls.