Following reports of a typhoid scare in Banket in recent weeks, health promotion officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care have engaged the community.

Fears of the outbreak of typhoid in Banket have been dispelled despite incidences of scores of patients who recently presented with symptoms suggesting the occurrence of the disease.

A number of patients over the past two weeks turned up at Banket Hospital, where stool, urine and blood specimen were taken for diagnostic tests.

Health ministry officials from Zvimba district however made a report back to the community, telling Banket residents that the results of the tests proved negative.

Zvimba district health promotions officer, Mr Josia Shiri assured the residents that the area is currently free of typhoid although the township is in danger of such an outbreak.

Zvimba ward 22 Councillor Loveness Nyamunga said the risk of typhoid is very high in Banket given the long spells spent without reticulated water, the frequent water and sewer pipe bursts, and the rampant open defacation in some parts of the town.

Typhoid is caused by ingesting water and food contaminated with stool harboring the salmonella bacteria.

Symptoms of the disease include persistent headaches, fever, constipation, and loss of weight.

The symptoms usually occur 2 weeks from the date of infection and disease is lethal.