Reports say an 18-year-old student was allegedly set on fire by a gang after refusing to withdraw attempted rape claims against the head teacher of her school in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nusrat Jahan Femi was reportedly doused in flammable liquid and set alight on the roof of her school. 

The girl died in Dhaka Medical College Hospital with 75% burns to her body but relayed details of the attack to her brother as protests erupted across Bangladesh. 

The principal, Siraj-ud-Daula, has been in jail since the end of last month because of the claims from the girl that he attempted to rape her in his office, yet police say he ‘instructed’ the attack. 

Police said 13 people, including two girls, were involved in Nusrat’s killing. 

They arrested eight people in connection with the case and announced that a teacher was among those involved.  

Police Bureau of Investigations, Chief Banaj Kanti Majumdar said several people including one defendant visited the principal in jail days before the attack. 

The brutal scene took place minutes before Nusrat was due to take an Arabic exam, her brother told local media. 

He said that his sister was lured to the roof by four people claiming that her friend was being assaulted there. 

“They asked her to withdraw the case against Principal Maulana Siraj Ud Doula. As she refused to budge, one of them poured kerosene (oil) on her from a glass and set her ablaze,’ the victim’s elder brother said, quoting what she told him before she died in her hospital bed. With all of her body in flames, she ran down the stairs screaming for help. Fellow students doused the fire,” he said. 

He added that his sister said all of the attackers ‘seemed to be female’ and that they had their faces and hands covered. 

He also said that his family has since received death threats after opening an official case. 

Fierce protests have broken out too, with people condemning the attackers. 

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina urged ‘exemplary punishment’ for the ‘heinous crimes’.   

Nusrat’s funeral ceremony was held on Thursday in her hometown, Uttar Charsandia.

Her father, Musa Manik, said: ‘We are satisfied with the progress of the investigation, but a speedy trial is a must.’