caps-united fans.jpgCaps United fans who are basking in the glory of their team’s revival have hailed Moses Chunga as a redeemer who will bring success on the domestic front and beyond.


Caps United endured turbulent times following the departure of 6 key players, but they appear to be on a recovery path with new coach Moses Chunga having brought instant results.


The Green Machine which lost 6 key players to the South African premiership had hit hard times resulting in coach Lloyd Chitembwe being shown the exit door.

With 3 matches since he took over, Bambo’s tale has been that of so far so good after notching 3 wins out of 3 leading supporters to believe that the good times are around the corner.

But whether Moses Chunga will last the distance is entirely another story.


While the Green Machine’s fans are currently singing joyous songs after the arrival of Chunga, history reveals that these can dramatically change to tunes of disgruntlement, and one can only ponder how the Caps United followers will react should results start going against their team.