The Zimbabwean society should reset itself to embrace the needs of people with disabilities such as the construction of social infrastructure which accommodates them.

Zimbabwe’s education sector has not fully embraced the disabled community and there exists unfavourable structures that limit access to critical services for those with disability.

Speaking during a tour of Danhiko Centre in Harare to assess the needs of the disability institution, Special Advisor to the President on disability issues Cde Joshua Malinga said there is need for all schools to look at adopting an integrated education.

“I don’t think we need special education, but we need to look at integrated education and we need all round trained teachers and copy what is happening in other countries to accommodate people with disabilities,” said Cde Malinga.

Danhiko Project deputy director Mr Godfrey Majonga echoed the need for government to unveil a Disability Revolving Fund in order for people with disability to start up projects that sustain them.

“We need a fund for people with disability to start up businesses for both the educated and those who would want to start up projects like poetry,” Mr Majonga said.

Statistics show that people with disabilities are often denied equal access to social service needs hence Cde Malinga’s emphasis on the need for awareness on attitude change to correct the stigmatisation and discrimination issues surrounding the community.