At a time availability of housing stands has become a major hurdle especially for low income earners, a call has been made to make sure that accommodation is also availed to the future generation.

The national housing backlog currently stands at 1,3 million and a property developer, Dr Renica Mapfunde says there is need to guarantee that available land is used sustainably in the quest to avail housing.

“Zimbabwe is in a unique position in that it still has a lot of land that is available for housing. As such, there is need to also consider future outcomes as some people are building large houses that they cannot maintain in the near future. People also need to consider cluster houses, apartments as well as bachelor flats which in the past used to house particular segments,” she said.

Dr Mapfunde also called on Zimbabweans to consider areas such as growth points in acquiring stands.

She also noted that development of towns and cities will make them attractive to investment as alluded by the government recently.

Demand for housing accommodation has mainly been limited to the country’s towns and cities, while those in rural district councils have not been accommodated.