barbara nkala.jpgRenowned author, Barbara Nkala has come up with a book titled ‘Rainbow after A Storm’ which is a collection of real-life experiences of people who have lost their loved ones.

More than 15 writers contributed to the book which is published by Radiant Company.

‘Rainbow After The storm’ is a collection of real-life experiences of people who share how they have grappled with losing a loved one.

Author and editor of the book, Barbara Nkala says some of the stories in the book look at the process of grieving and the struggle to cope with loss.

Some of the profound stories such as ‘Double Tragedy in The Night’, ‘The Lord of All Comfort’, ‘Why Did My father Die?’ and ‘When Death Knocks at Your Door’, look at how the bereaved could be comforted in times of death.

The stories written with personal experiences from different writers seek the meaning to life in the same way when confronted by loss of a beloved one.

Nkala says the bereaved need comfort, encouragement and hope to rebuild their world that would have crumbled around them.

As the title ‘Rainbow after A Storm’ suggests, it has been noted that the bereaved need to see a rainbow after their devastating storm.

All the writers who contributed in the book share their experiences in life.

The collection of stories clearly reveals that for every dark night of pain, there is a redemptive morning to come.