book-one nation 2 souls.jpgAuthor and Political commentator, Francis Gadzikwa has written his third novel titled ‘One Nation, Two Souls’- a book that looks at the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe and how some of the challenges facing the country can be addressed.

The 200-page book is based on research works from media reports and analysis and what has been reported elsewhere about Zimbabwe.

According to the author, the book offers thought-provoking suggestions and proffers prescriptive policy options to the challenges that came about at the formation of the inclusive government.

“Zimbabweans have been so polarised such that partisan interests have been allowed to supersede national interests. I also try to deal with issues that are debated the world over why Africans are generally regarded as less productive and inventive than other races. Having said that, Zimbabwe can turn its political and economic crisis into a window of opportunities in many ways,” said Gadzikwa.

In the book, Gadzikwa looks critically at some of the major challenges facing the country including the political polarisation.

He explains that the book seeks to identify some of the national interests and values that should unite Zimbabweans.

The author wrote his first book titled ‘Turning Point’ in 1997. This was followed by his second offering titled ‘Which Way Madzimbabwe’ in 2000.

In 2002, he produced and presented the programme, ‘Nhoroondo ye Zimbabwe’ with Killian Butu on ZBC’s Radio Two station.