Renowned author and publisher, Ishmael Penyai is working on a number of books to compliment efforts by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to introduce the learning of Ndau language in schools.

According to author, Ngugi wa Thiongo, ‘language, any language, has a dual character: it is both a means of communication and a carrier of culture.’

That is the belief shared by Penyai who made a name for himself after writing books that include Nhekwe Dziri Kanyi, Tsvura Ngoko and sonnets of love, among others.

Penyai, whose works are in his local Ndau language, said he is working on a book that explains why Christians are failing to live a Holy life.

The book titled: Yarira Yajesu weJerusarema urges Christians to live an exemplary life.

“I am working on this book after a realisation that most Christians are failing to live an exemplary life in society,” said Penyai.

He added that he is also working on a book that is a collection of traditional folktales rooted in the oral heritage of ‘Ngano’ and contemporary celebrations of the Ndau language.

“We are compiling a book on traditional folktales as we want to dig deeper into the stories that influenced our society in the past,” said Penyai.

Literature in local languages is important and the writing of many books in local languages will help to effectively teach the languages.