President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured Zimbabweans that austerity measures induced hardships will have eased by end of the year, challenging those mandated with information dissemination to ensure that people are well-informed of what government is working to achieve.

It is almost a year since the Zanu PF party won the mandate to govern the country and as the party’s supreme decision making body held its 331st Politburo meeting, the President and First Secretary of the party opened the session with a call for honest introspection.

“As we approach the first anniversary of the second republic, we must intently  introspect the degree we have achieved that which we promised our people as outlined in the people’s manifesto.  I challenge the information and publicity department of the party to develop a communication strategy that will highlight our successes since being elected into office. Our victory in July 2018 was a call to service, our task remains enormous but if we remain united nothing is impossible.  I am aware that our current austerity measures are causing some hardships to our people but this is necessary for us to have a stable and growing economy which is in sync with others in the region and elsewhere.  If we choose populist policies we will be doing a disservice to our country.  So we must brace up and endure the hardships, albeit always explaining to our people what we are trying to do. As I highlighted in the past, the situation will begin to get better by the end of the year,” sad President Mnangagwa.

Last month the Zanu PF Youth League daringly named individuals, private sector executives and party bigwigs it claimed were corrupt and the President has instructed each province to recommend a Central Committee member to be part of a commission that will look into the allegations.

With elections behind, the people are now expecting the fulfillment of the election manifesto, in which the government promised massive improvements in health infrastructure and affordable medicines among other promises.

So far the Ministry of Health and Child Care has taken delivery of an assortment of medicines and medical sundries from India and the United Arab Emirates.

Rural development was among the major issues contained in the Zanu PF 2018 elections manifesto.

Almost 70 percent of the country’s population lives in the rural areas and the government has crafted a number of policies to accelerate infrastructural development in most rural communities.

“The majority of our citizens live in rural areas, as such we must make more concerted efforts to cascade socio-economic development to them. As a party, a large portion of our supporters and members are based at that level, so we must be at the forefront of driving development within their communities. We must continue to win the hearts and minds of the party during all forthcoming bye- elections,” President Mnangagwa said.

The President implored all party organs to ensure that constitutional meetings focus more on planning and reviewing concrete programmes and activities of the party while the Women’s League was commended for holding a successful national assembly last week.

H±e also called on the party leadership to adopt an open door policy and interact with the people.