tobacco selling 2011.jpgBusiness has resumed at all the tobacco auction floors with farmers delivering their tobacco following the lifting of the suspension of tobacco deliveries by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) last week.

Tobacco deliveries to all the auction floors resumed on Saturday with a noticeable reduction in delays experienced by farmers at Boka auction floors.

In an interview with ZBC News, TIMB Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Matibiri said the temporary suspension of tobacco deliveries from last Wednesday to Saturday has reduced the congestion at the auction floors.

Mr Matibiri said farmers are now delivering their tobacco after booking which has cut down on delays and time spent waiting at the floors.

A visit to the Tobacco Sales Floor showed the lengths of queues have shortened, but there is still congestion and farmers who spoke to ZBC News said the temporary suspension of sales by the TIMB had not solved their plight as they still spent several days queuing to sell their tobacco.

The situation at the Boka Tobacco Sales Floor however showed business is going on smoothly as farmers revealed that there has been improvement on service delivery at the floors.

The situation at the tobacco auction floors has this season been characterised by long winding queues as farmers spend several days waiting to sell their crop and the TIMB suspension of deliveries was meant to ease congestion at the floors.