The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dr Sibusiso Moyo who attended the African Union Executive Council Meeting in Mauritania in the last two days said the AU is working on reforming the Constitutive Act of the continental body and working out how it will relate to the Africa EU and Pacific Cooperation after the expiry of the Cotonou Agreement in 2020.

Addressing Zimbabwean journalists on the 33rd AU Executive Council Meeting in Nouakchott, Minister Moyo said the AU ministers at that session managed to reduce the AU 2019 budget by 12 percent through audits and prudent management of the continental funds.

The Executive Council also deliberated on the reform of the Constitutive Act of the African Union with members coming up with liberalisation of the financial contributions.

Others suggested that the 0.2 percent levied on imported goods from outside Africa should contribute to member states’ annual contributions while others suggested that member countries should contribute from their country’s revenues to help meet their obligations.

They also looked at whether Africa will continue to negotiate and deal with the EU as individual countries or unite and agree on a common position in dealing with EU under the Cotonou Agreement which expires in 2020.

Many felt that Africans should face the EU as a continent as the block also handles Africa as a continent under the current agreement.

The Saharawi issue was also under the spotlight with the executive pondering on the way forward and agreeing that the UN and AU should work together and see the Greed Referendum being held to enable the people of the Saharawi to determine their own destiny.

Prior to the Executive Council Meeting, the Peace and Security Council Meeting was held and Minister Moyo represented Zimbabwe as one of the 15 member countries appointed into the continental organ soon after the advent of the new political dispensation in November last year under President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Other issues to be dealt with include a report on the Saharawi by AU Chairperson Rwandan President Paul Kagame and the election of a director in the International Telecommunications Union.

Dr Zawazawa is also a candidate in that race.