au summit in malabo- e guinea.jpgFormer Brazilian president Inazio Lula da Silva has castigated the unequal distribution of power at the United Nations, saying only five countries are the deciding factor of humanity, making it urgent the fact that the UN system must be democratised.

Mr da Silva said this while speaking at the just ended 17th African Union Summit for African Heads of State and Government in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

He said there should be an African system that can stop the war in Libya and usher in a new democratic dispensation.

Mr da Silva’s sentiments were also echoed by President Theodore Nguema Mbasogo, who was hosting the summit.

former brazilian president- lula da silva.jpgHe said Africa has never been a colonial power and does not intend to solve conflicts in other continents but wants to solve her own.

President Mbasongo said the African Union must be fully funded by making good use of its resources thereby avoiding dictation by rich and famous nations.

Analysts say the reformation of the UN is long overdue and is a sentiment shared accross to continent as Africa has always been subjected to unfair political and economic practices by powerful western nations.