pap 26.10.11.jpgThe Pan African Parliament (PAP) says the African Union heads of state and government should devise strategies to come up with a continental peacekeeping force in light of the continued aggression by the West in its bid to recolonise Africa.

The PAP recently met in South Africa with the Permanent Representative Council to discuss peace and security matters on the continent in light of the unrests in the Arab North and recently in Syria.

The bureau of the Pan African Parliament has since called on the African Union heads of state and government to seriously consider the establishment of a continental peace keeping force as efforts by individual member states are affected by resource constraints.

The Second Vice President of the PAP, Dr Joram Gumbo says the proposal by the continental body has been to have the AU summit set for next month discussing the issue of coming up with a vibrant peace keeping force to safeguard the territorial integrity of Africa.

“We had a meeting with the Permanent Representative Council where we discussed the peace and security situation in the region .Of major concern was the need for the establishment of an African Union peace keeping force as individual members are usually constrained,” said Dr Gumbo.

Experts have questioned whether the AU has the potential to take the lead role in resolving armed conflicts on the African continent.

According to recent reports, the AU’s first military intervention in a member state was the May 2003 deployment of a peacekeeping force of soldiers from South Africa, Ethiopia, and Mozambique to Burundi to oversee the implementation of the various agreements.

AU troops were also deployed in Sudan for peacekeeping in the Darfur conflict before the mission was handed over to the United Nations on 1 January 2008.

However, resource challenges always undermine the AU’s ability to take effective intervention measures in Africa’s troubled spots.