bennettt.jpgThe Attorney General has filed a Supreme Court application for leave to appeal against the acquittal of MDC-T Treasurer General Roy Bennett on charges of banditry, insurgency, terrorism and sabotage.  


In the application, the state is alleging that the High Court Judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu delimited issues that include Hitschmann’s crucial evidence namely his laptop that contained information that incriminate Bennet, the bank accounts that shows the transaction between the two and Hitschmann’s statements.


The application further states that, the court misdirected itself by assessing evidence in isolation thereby, failing to adopt a holistic analysis of circumstances.


The State says the issue of emails was not properly dealt with by the court saying the fact that fake emails can be manufactured does not mean that genuine emails do not exists.


Roy Bennett was acquitted by the High Court on Monday.


The 53-year-old former white farmer is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s pick for Deputy Agriculture Minister in the year-old unity government.

Bennett was arrested in February 2009, shortly before he was to be sworn in, over terror charges stemming from accusations that he had funded a plot to topple  President Mugabe four years ago.