disabled children.jpgGovernment says  women whose children are  physically challenged  should be  assisted  access to land for them to  overcome emotional and physical abuse which they come across everyday.


Parents with physically challenged children suffer from emotional and physical abuse due to their children’s conditions.


Some of the parents with disabled children are failing to get accommodation and are finding it difficult to be accepted in the community.


Governor and Resident Minister for Harare Province Cde David Karimanzira suggested that allowing parents to own land without any discrimination would assist in the event that a husband of a woman dies, there should be automatic transfer of ownership of properties to the wife instead of the family inheriting.


“Women with disabled children are abused everyday due to their children’s conditions, they are sometimes left homeless but we are saying if these women are empowered through land they will be able to live with their children in peace.


“A woman without land faces violation of a fundamental right,” said Cde Karimanzira.


When ZBC News visited parents of physically challenged children, they took turns to narrate the emotional abuse they encounter in the communities they reside due to their children’s conditions and how best they felt government should address their situation.