The Aspindale Park project is now taking full shape after the first transfer of title deeds to stand owners on Friday (today).

Few years after its launch, the Aspindale Park project is now becoming a reality following the approval of several infrastructure facilities and service provision utilities.

Speaking to the ZBC News after the first transfer of title deeds to phase one stand owners of the park, Aspindale Park project director, Mr Michael Swan said the initiatives reflects commitment towards ensuring the full scale uptake of the stands.

Despite several challenges being faced by the economy, the transfer of the stands is being made to fulfill government’s policy towards delivery of quality and affordable housing facilities, while focusing towards ensuring a unique product and service is offered, said the head of legal services for the Aspindale Park project Mr Joseph Razunguza.

The Aspindale Park project also comes at a time when government is considering a facility towards increasing housing stands in the economy.